Google Celebrates Holy Month of Ramadan

Posted by TechGuyWasif Abbas on 11:37 AM, 28-Jul-13

ThumbnailGoogle has always surprised its users by offering new concepts. Recently it has introduced a special site for islamic holy month of Ramadan which will help muslim users to celebrate the holy month by using various Google services like Google Hangouts Google Maps ,YouTube videos ,Google Plus etc. This hub provodes access to all related Google services from within one single... [Read More]

The Islamic Calendar

Posted by TechGuyWasif Abbas on 06:43 PM, 28-Jun-13

ThumbnailThe Muslim calendar is based on cycles of Moon phase ,means it depends on sight-seeing visibility of the moon which is either 29 or 30 days duration in one month. It is based on Lunar Calendar which has 354 days in a year as compared to English Calendar which is based on earth revolution around the sun (Solar Year). It... [Read More]

Mobiles To Be Costlier

Posted by TechGuyWasif Abbas on 04:31 PM, 22-Mar-13

ThumbnailIndia is second largest mobile market in the world after China. Its due to liberal policies of Indian govt. over past several years to Telecom Sector which benifited all whether network service providers or mobile manufacturers and users. Now Telecom industry is booming and cash starved govt wants larger share to raise its revenues and cut down budget deficit. First attempt was... [Read More]

Facebook Rs 50 Free Talktime Offer India

Posted by TechGuyWasif Abbas on 11:40 AM, 18-Oct-12

ThumbnailFacebook is one of the most popular social network site. Recently it crossed 1 bilion monthly active users in September 2012. Nearly half data traffic of world wide web is consumed by facebook. About 60% percent people access it from their mobile device. India is second largest mobile phone market in world after China. Facebook is already very popular here with... [Read More]

Windows 8 Upgrade Offer Rs 699

Posted by TechGuyWasif Abbas on 11:33 AM, 03-Sep-12

ThumbnailMicrosoft is offering Windows 8 for an affordable price. The company has not revealed the full price yet but it is offering upgrade offer for rs.699 as a part of promotional scheme. The registration process has already started. This offer is applicable to customers who purchase a brand new personal computer during the period 2 June 2012 to 31 January 2013... [Read More]

Chatting and Texting Dictionary

Posted by TechGuyWasif Abbas on 11:48 AM, 29-Aug-12

ThumbnailText Messaging on mobile phone and chatting online Social Network Sites is growing trend and becoming increasingly common phenomenon these days. Abbreviations ,Slangs ,Acronyms are order of the day. To avoid long sentences and to make short and faster communication , a special short-hand language is developed that is unique in itself. Known as NetSpeak ,WebSlang ,ChatSpeak etc. The terms have... [Read More]

Earth Hour 23rd March 2013 8:30PM to 9:30PM

Posted by TechGuyWasif Abbas on 12:24 PM, 16-Mar-12

ThumbnailThe observation of Earth Hour 23rd March 2013 is the world biggest campaign to create awareness against climate change and global warming. A commitment to protect our planet and environment. Participate and pledge support and give your contribution by switching off lights for one hour 8:30pm to 9:30pm according to your local timezone. A global event held anually and organized by WWF... [Read More]

Know About Windows 8 and Installation

Posted by TechGuyWasif Abbas on 04:08 PM, 03-Mar-12

ThumbnailThe highly anticipated next big operating system from Microsoft is almost ready. Final commercial version will be released later this year. The beta trial version Windows 8 Consumer Preview is available for public to try out slick new-look OS. To test out and review it capabilities and features. Windows 8 is built on Windows 7 platform but with lot more enhanced... [Read More]

New XXX Domain For Adult Websites

Posted by TechGuyWasif Abbas on 12:09 PM, 26-Mar-11

ThumbnailOnline adult content has been around for ages whether you like it or not. An estimated 4.2 million such websites exists which provide adult content. Online pornography is a vast industry. Figures collected by Internet Pornographic Statistics says more than $3000 US dollars are spent on adult content every second. According to various search engines SEX is the number one search term. Governments... [Read More]

AVG Antivirus Free Edition 2011

Posted by TechGuyWasif Abbas on 03:24 PM, 23-Feb-11

ThumbnailAVG Antivirus is one of the most used ,trusted and popular security program which is installed on millions of computers. AVG Antivirus Free Edition 2011 provides basic security tools for your computer protection against dangerous malicious codes threats ,malware and viruses. Now improved protection against security threats better than ever before. Provides good security layer over all programs in your computer and... [Read More]

Bollywood Celebrities on Twitter

Posted by TechGuyWasif Abbas on 04:06 PM, 20-Nov-10

ThumbnailTwitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging site. Users can send and read messages known as Tweets. These are text-based post of 140 characters displayed on author's profile page and delivered to author's subscribers who are known as followers. Many Indian Movies Bollywood celebrities are also on Twitter. You can follow them and see what your favourite stars have to... [Read More]

3G Classification and Specifications

Posted by TechGuyWasif Abbas on 11:22 AM, 30-Oct-10

ThumbnailInternational Mobile Telecommunications IMT-2000 which is popularly known as 3G or 3rd Generation standard for mobile phones and telecommunication services to make 3G globally applicable. It consists of two rival groups GSM and CDMA which have set 3G standard and guidelines. Both group have competition with each other and also no compatiblity with each others network. 3GPP 3rd Generation Partnership Project is... [Read More]

SPB TV Nokia S60 Symbian Phones

Posted by TechGuyWasif Abbas on 12:03 PM, 15-Oct-10

ThumbnailSPB TV software makes watching tv on your Symbian S60 v3 and v5 devices very easy and enjoyable. It is a full screen tv player with PIP Picture-In-Picture mode. Provides a wide selection. More than 100 tv channels in multiple languages from more than 17 countries worldwide. Easy to use settings and features. ~Quick channel preview ~Fast channel selection and launch. ~Easy channel switching. ~Integrated tv guide... [Read More]

Play Advance Games without Graphic Card

Posted by TechGuyWasif Abbas on 10:31 AM, 30-Sep-10

ThumbnailIf a game stops running on your system just because you dont have a GPU. Only onboard graphics or old primitive graphics card. Newer games require 3D graphics such as pixel shader 2.0 technology ,which your old graphic card doesnt support. Then here is the solution. 3D Analyzer is a software that can emulate all the feature of a 3D GPU.... [Read More]

Wi-Fi Phone Settings by TechGuy

Posted by TechGuyWasif Abbas on 09:59 AM, 18-Sep-10

ThumbnailThe type of Wi-Fi network decides how the phone will connect to it. Kind of Wireless LAN Networks Hot Spot No setup is necessary. Connects temporarily ,using an account that is automatically created in the background Configured Network Connects using an account which already exists and settings already configured in the phone. Not Configured Network Account for the network is needed. It can be... [Read More]